Honestly, I don’t know what the people of Torquay do for a living but whatever it is they all make time for yoga. Seriously, I’ve been at a 10am yoga class (my excuse is I work from home and the kids are at school/kinder – what’s yours!?) and it has been packed! I’m talking 40 people on a weekday. Guys and girls all sweating it out in downward dog instead of doing whatever else it is they should probably be doing. Even the yoga teacher said – “does anyone in Torquay work?”

FullSizeRender 2I think we should definitely be proud of our ability to prioritise yoga – sorry bosses – or our ability to not work very much. Either way – it’s great news for yoga teachers and yoga studios. One of the recipients of this boom in very little work and lots of yoga is Patch Thompson. She’s the co-owner of one of our hottest wellbeing destinations Yoke.

Patch’s Q & A is below – follow her and Yoke here.

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Yoke Yoga, Baines Crescent, Torquay

How would you describe Yoke Yoga?
Yoke is a yoga studio that embodies community, humility, compassion and courage. We offer such a diverse range of styles to suit everyone, from a meditative yin to heated vinyasa. We wanted to create an open space that was inviting and warm and I think we have definitely achieved that.

Is it different from your original vision?
Yes! Originally when I imagined myself opening a studio, I envisioned a cosy little shala style space. Yoke still has the traditional vibes, but with a modern flair. We have two yoga rooms, a large community space, retail area and two osteo consolation rooms. The studio was designed by Folk Architects and has a warehouse feel integrated with natural materials. Lots of wood, plants and a cosy fireplace 🙂

FullSizeRender 7What is the best piece of career advice you’ve been given?
Probably just to believe in yourself. I have definitely had a few knock backs, but if you are truely passionate about something then you will strive to make it work.

What was your first job?
My Dad owned a surf shop on Phillip Island, so I was lucky enough to have the flexibility of coming and going in-between travel and surfing!

What advice would you give your 21-year-old self? 
Oh definitely to not be so critical on yourself! I think as young girl, you are constantly trying to find your way and there is a lot of judgment not only towards yourself but also towards others. I wish I did more yoga back then, to teach myself that you are who you are and thats beautiful.

FullSizeRenderDid you have a Plan B?
Not really- I knew I was always going to make something work. Even if that meant working part time to sustain my passion of teaching yoga whether it was classes or workshops.

What is the biggest thing you have learnt?
One of the biggest things that has arisen since opening the studio is that I have realised how many amazing talented and creative people live on the surf coast. It has been so beautiful to expand the yoga community and everyday I am amazed by the conversations that I have with students practicing yoga. I had no idea that there were so many people into yoga, healing practices, health, spirituality and art. This place really is inspiring.

What are the advantages of working/living on the Surf Coast?
Ah so many! We are honestly so lucky to live on the Surf Coast. To have a beautiful balance of work and lifestyle is hugely important for your physical health but also for the health of all your relationships. It is great that people and businesses are now realising this. There seems to be a lot of flexibility and freedom down here, which makes the coast, the people and the vibes very relaxed. Just being able to look at the ocean everyday is special.

FullSizeRender 6What are the disadvantages?
Being a surfer and living in Victoria I cant think of a bigger disadvantage than the cold weather. I definitely need a burst of sunshine in the winter months to get me through!

What roles does social media play in your business?
A large role. We advertise all of our workshops, retreats and events via social media which enables us to obtain a much broader reach. Good social media is essential for every business.

Best Surf Coast discovery? Oh my secret surf spot, but I cant tell you that 😉
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Best Surf Coast Coffee?
I love Pond, Ginger Monkey and Swell.

Favourite Surf Coast hangout?
The beach!

How do you think a woman can successfully balance her career and personal life?
Time manage properly. Dedicate days/hours/minutes to yourself and be motivated to stick to that. I also think its important to delegate and take up the offer of support from your husband or partner. As women we tend to carry a lot and be proud of that. But we should also be proud of our independence and ability to nourish ourselves properly.

Do you travel regularly?
Yes – travel is really important to me. It frees my soul, keeps me appreciative and has taught me more then I could ever learn in a text book.

FullSizeRender 3Favourite long haul destination?
Europe. I love it. I spent two years there when I was in my early 20’s.

Favourite Australian destination?
I love Tasmania, its so untouched and beautiful. But its cold. My favourite warm go to destination is Pacific palms on the mid north coast. My best friends live up there and its just so magical.