I always thought – yup, this is the dream! Working from home means I can stay in my pjs all day, workout on my lunch break and still be around to do drop offs and pick up the kids from school. Winning!

In reality – I don’t get anything done. Really. I could easily fill my whole week with procrastinating. I am so easily distracted. Oh look, a fly! Must go to the shops and buy fly spray. Also I need some other stuff, plus I should probably catch up with the girls for a coffee and take those things to the post office. Ding! Pick up time. Day done. Work completed – uh – absolutely none.

Workers Hut SP-19So, yeah. That’s why I need this space in my life. A place to go and get my werk, werk, werk on.

Going to an office means you have to get it together – you know, at least put on something other than active wear/pjs, brush your hair and smear on some tinted moisturiser so as not to look as tired as you feel.

Also, the bonus of going to an office instead of sitting at home is there are other people there. This is essential for working out what you’re going to watch next on Netflix. Also, there’s no washing to do there and no clearing up to get distracted by.

Like yesterday when I changed all the beds and washed all the sheets instead of writing this.

Any-who. I’m at the Workers Hut now so they would all probably think I’m super weird if I start vacuuming. So I’m just going to type. As in – do my job. The job I love, but the job which also requires self-motivation. Which I am lacking. Unless there are other people around. Looking motivated and doing stuff. Here they are!!

Workers Hut SP-21

David & Rebecca Scott, co-founders, The Workers Hut

Thank you David and Rebecca for creating this awesome space. The vibe is uber cool but relaxed. The News in on, not Girls. There is coffee and also one of the best cafes in town across the road. I can even have parties here! Not so easy at my home office because of all the lego hazards. Here, I have an awesome space for networking events – when I get around to having them you will all be invited.

But come here before – not too many of you though as I need my desk for all the work I don’t do at home.

Read co-founder Rebecca’s Q & A below and find/follow the Workers Hut here

Workers Hut



How would you describe your business?
At the Workers hut we provide a flexible and relaxed workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs, mobile professionals and out of the box thinkers. We offer not only places to work but also communities of hard working entrepreneurs who can share advice and expertise to grow their ideas and businesses.

Is it different from your original vision?
We wanted to provide a space that belonged to the community, inspired and motivated people and got people out of their garages! I think it will continue to evolve beyond our original vision into its own entity based on the people that call it home.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve been given?
I never thought I would find myself in small business so I think the best advice was just being believed in. Being pushed to break out of the norm and take the leap.

Workers Hut SP-10What’s the best piece of career advice you could give? 
I have certainly learnt that life is much too short to not be doing what you love. So whatever the dream is, start moving towards and ask yourself Why Not?

What was your first job?
I was a Target checkout chick! I remember saving every penny to buy CD’s!

What advice would you give your 21-year-old self? 
Keep Travelling, Call Mum every single day, Follow your gut.

Did you have a Plan B? 
Yes .. and a C, D and E! There are always a few projects on the go in our house. I’m sure our friends find it exhausting.

Workers Hut SP-9What is the biggest thing you have learnt?
You can’t always rely on other people to do what they say. Not everyone follows through so you have to be dogged and determined to make things happen. If you surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you, you can’t help but be infected.

What got you through tough times at work?
Debriefing, problem solving and looking at the bigger picture.  Then there is always chocolate and red wine!

What are the advantages of working/living on the Surf Coast?
It’s such a beautiful place, every road leads to the beach so it’s always there reminding you to get outside. The community is full of interesting, creative and inspiring people quick to say hi, lend a hand, motivate and challenge you. I’ve never lived anywhere that comes together at the drop of the hat to help each other like this community.

Workers Hut SP-8What roles does social media play in your business?
Social media is huge in terms of getting noticed and communicating with your audience. But in all honestly it’s a challenge. I’m a bit over the bombardment of social media so it’s a necessary evil for me. Finding ways to connect with your customers without posting for the sake of it and then not procrastinating reading everything else whilst you are online can be a struggle. Self-promotion is not something that comes easy so it is an everyday learning curve.

Other inspiring Surf Coasters?
So many!  There are a lot of amazing women on the Surf Coast building networks of likeminded people to challenge and inspire each other. 87% of surf coasters are in small business so that’s a lot of people taking the leap and giving it a go. Anyone willing to do and back themselves inspires me.

Best Surf Coast discovery?
If you want to meet people get a dog! We recently caved for the kids and got a puppy… he is the best way to meet people and make new connections.

FullSizeRender 9Best Surf Coast Coffee?
Sorry I’m a Tea Drinker. Ginger Monkey over the road from the Workers Hut gets the thumbs up from our members and they do a great Hot Chocolate and the best brownies…

Favourite Surf Coast hangout?
Fishos to Point Impossible with the dog and the family! It’s a little burst of sanity no matter the weather!