Ok so this is pretty much what I thought I’d be doing on my 40th. Swigging straight from a bottle of bubbly, getting absolutely hammered and flying into my next decade singing karaoke and dancing til dawn.

But no – I’ve managed to kick the alcohol abuse to the curb just in time for the milestone.

So how the actual F am I going to celebrate?

Seriously!! How do you celebrate something like this without booze. It is not in my vocabulary to celebrate sober. Weddings, Birthdays, Engagements, Holidays, Tuesdays – they all deserve to be marked with a glass of something right?

Now I don’t know how to do it. So I asked Google – OK Google – How do you celebrate something without alcohol?

As well as ads for some non-alcoholic bubbly (meh) and, randomly, some actual vodka – I got a ton of ideas and I’m going to try and pack as many into the next few days (because my birthday started at the beginning of the month and is still going to be going at the end of it – Birthday Queen!)

10 Ways to Celebrate Sober

1.Find mocktails that confuse you into thinking they are actual booze

2. Spend a day/weekend in a spa (this is applicable to most weekends but works well here)

3.Go see a movie (not a crying one – and not one at a fancy cinema where they give you booze)

4.Do some beach yoga (not alone – find friends)

5. Go for a surf (again – not alone – too sharky!)

6. Swim in the ocean (See above)

7. Eat cake (This could be the whole list but in the interest of non repetitive lists just eat cake do another thing on the list then eat more cake)

8. Eat ice-cream (with the cake or after the cake is fine)

9. Netflix and Chill 😉

10. Eat seafood (because yum)

I’ll let you know how many I accomplish xx

In the meantime if you’re worried about your own drinking check out Hello Sunday Morning